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At WesWays UK NetWorks, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting-edge to deliver the next best thing to our customers. That’s why we’re beyond thrilled to have just recently incorporated AutoInstall SSL™ into our SSL certificate services. AutoInstall SSL™ is a revolutionary new technology designed to take virtually all of the manual work and unknowns out of the SSL installation process forever. Whether you have vast experience purchasing SSL or you’re completely new to the industry, AutoInstall SSL™ will make your life easier AND save you time and money.

AutoInstall SSL™ is currently available for all of our cPanel and Plesk customers. Best of all, AutoInstall SSL™ works with all three types of certificates: Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV), and Extended Validation (EV), and with Wildcard and Multi-Domain certificates as well. It’s also compatible with all of the reputable brands that we offer like Symantec, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, and Comodo.

As our customer, once you purchase the SSL certificate you need through us, you can use AutoInstall SSL™ to automatically:

 Generate your CSR

 Validate your domain

 Download your certificate

 Install your certificate

 Verify your certificate

That’s right – all of that is done with just a few clicks of the mouse! What has probably cost you countless hours in the past will now take just a few minutes, and there’s no need to pay for installation support. Anyone can do it!

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For more information about AutoInstall SSL™, please [contact us] today. Or, if you would like to begin browsing our extensive SSL selection and put AutoInstall SSL™ to the test, simply [click here] to view all of our competitively priced options.


Saturday, July 6, 2019

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